What a Wonderful Campaign It Will Be

Sometimes there is a campaign that just steals your heart, sticks in your brain and inspires you. The End Petlessness Campaign, developed by Leopold Ketel & Partners and designed by Allan Sanders for the Oregon Humane Society is one such campaign.

Petlessness?  What the heck? Instead of humans doing something good for the pets, playing upon guilt to get people into shelters to adopt, this campaign seeks to highlight all the benefits that people receive from owning a pet (backed by scientific facts even!). The problem has been redefined and I love it. The campaign has been so effective in Oregon that it has been in use for over 3 years and is still going strong. Additionally, because the campaign was so endearing, the Humane Society received an unprecedented amount of donated media doubling their exposure!

The campaign involved print, outdoor ads, online ads, radio spots, and television ads. Here are a few examples of the creative. If you want to see more, click here to see all of the print ads. What do you think?

Getting a Massage From Your Cat!

Don't Dog Owners Start to Look Like Their Canine Friend After Awhile?

One of the Outdoor Billboards Featuring a Cat Keeping His Bald Owner's Head Warm!

A Complimentary Print Page Developed To Use When Extra Media Was Donated to Further Explain Campaign

Click here to listen to the radio ad: End Petlessness Radio Ad

And not only did the agency win a Silver Effie, but the results from the campaign were astounding;

“The End Petlessness campaign produced results that far exceeded objectives. Specifically, our achieved rate of adoption for cats increased 3-fold over our goal of 2% (from 85% to 91%) and our achieved rate of adoption for small animals increased 2-fold over our goal of 3% (from 90% to 96%). We maintained our already incredibly high rate of 98% for dog adoptions and our overall adoption rate increased 6%, from 90% to 96%.

We were also successful in increasing both online and in person visitors as well as new donors. The number of daily visitors to the Humane Society’s website increased 45% to 6,619 visitors a day. In person visits to the Humane Society were up 9% with over 187,000 people visiting the facility, an average of 523 people every day. Monetary contributions were received from 4,217 new donors in 2007, more than triple the 1,262 new donors in 2006. Donations are up as well. Web donations soared 20% to over $270,000 and the yearly telethon netted just under $270,000, a 15.6% increase”

Now there are some great numbers resulting from great media and an excellent overall campaign! And of course the ultimate warm and fuzzy; getting kittens and dogs adopted into homes!

4 Responses to “What a Wonderful Campaign It Will Be”
  1. Sonya Vahey says:

    Outstanding work over again. Thanks!

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