What a Deal, Such a Deal! Facebook Deals

With the introduction of Facebook Places at the end of Summer 2010, a new opportunity for business owners also became available; Facebook Deals. While many large companies, Starbucks, GAP, etc have started to take advantage of check-in deals via Yelp Offers and FourSquare, Facebook Deals appears to be an underutilized tool. Let’s talk about the following:

  • Facebook Deal Basics – What kinds of deals are there and how can you create one?
  • Facebook Deal Hall of Fame – Three examples of excellent use of the Facebook Deal’s platform

Facebook Deal Basics

-You can only create a Deal after you have claimed your businesses Place Page. Click here for the step-by-step instructions

-Facebook has to approve your Deal. They will do this in 2 business days or less and you will receive an email notification

-How much do Deals cost you, the business owner? Zilch, Zero, Nada

-What kind of Deals can I run? There are 4 kinds of deals. Let’s learn what they are:

  1. Individual Deal: You can offer this type of deal to both new and existing customers. You may create Individual Deals when you want to launch a new product, get rid of excess inventory, offer seasonal incentives, or simply get more people into your store.
  2. Friend Deal: Friend Deals allow you to offer discounts to groups of up to 8 people, when they check in together. Friend Deals are a great way to build even more exposure for your business because more stories are generated when multiple people check-in.
  3. Loyalty Deal: To focus on rewarding your most loyal customers, create a Loyalty Deal. These deals may be claimed by customers only after a certain number of check-ins. Depending on your business, the number of check-ins may vary. Please note that you must create a deal that is redeemable after no fewer than two and no more than 20 check-ins.
  4. Charity Deal: Create a Charity Deal to make a donation to the charity of your choice. This is a great way for your business to give back to the community while adding a human touch to your business.

What do these Deals look like on my page or on a customer’s phone?

Okay, great, but remind me though why this is better than a deal on FourSquare or Yelp?

Well, each Facebook user, on average, has 130 friends. And, every time they check into your business and activate a deal, it appears as an update on every single one of those 130 friend’s streams. This is possible with Yelp and FourSquare if the user has checked that they want their check-in’s and deal redemptions to show up in their Facebook stream, but if they haven’t, the “word-of-mouth” benefit is pretty much lost. With Facebook Deals, it automatically shows up in their stream unless they have gone deep into their privacy settings to make it private. And, before you get a chance, if you were a friend of Kelli’s and she took advantage of this deal, this is what it would look like on your phone or computer:

“Okay”, you are saying, “I get it. I need to run a Deal. In fact, I want to run a Deal. Let’s get going!”

Great, so once you have claimed your business, on your Place Page, click on “Create a Deal” which is located in the upper right-hand corner (at this time). You will be taken to a page that looks like the one below where you need to set the parameters for your deal;

  • Type of deal
  • Time for deal (the shortest time currently allowed for a deal is 3 hours)
  • How many deals you are offering (so if you are giving something away you can limit the number available to match your inventory)
  • How many times a person can redeem a deal

Awesome, so now you know how to create a deal. However, in case your creative brain is absolutely drained or you just like seeing some great campaigns that other people have run, here are 3 Examples of Excellent Facebook Places Deals

Facebook Deal Hall of Fame

Early Adopter Taking It Seriously – The GAP

Early in November of 2010, GAP announced that the first 10,000 people who checked into a GAP store and Liked GAP would win a free pair of jeans. Yup, that is 10,000 free pairs of jeans. This sounds like a lot, but as I was thinking about it, the GAP only promoted this campaign via Facebook & some PR channels. Assuming that a pair of jeans costs the GAP $10 to make and guessing that there were about $50k of printed material costs associated with this campaign, the total campaign cost them less than $200,000 which for an international retailer is really, really cheap. So, what did it look like?

After checking in and somehow demonstrating this to an associate, customers were given the card shown below to redeem for a free pair of jeans

So, the cost to GAP was relatively low but for the customer, they were receiving a great deal! GAP’s 1969 line of denim runs upward of $70 per pair. Pretty great free gift if you ask me!

Least Likely To Use Social Media Effectively But They Proved Us Wrong!  – University of Kentucky

Shortly after Facebook Places launched, the University of Kentucky realized that they could leverage the fact that their students are heavy users of social media to promote the school to prospective students.

The university installed giant, Facebook icons all over campus to encourage people to check in at different locations around the school every day as well as decals on individual building’s windows. Each student check-in shows up in the students’ news feed, which Kelley Bozeman, Big Blue’s marketing director says is because “We’re encouraging students to check in, so when they do, it’ll show up in their news feed and maybe their friends still in high school will see it over and over again,”  adding that the university’s marketing efforts are focused on undergraduate recruitment.

The university reports that the campaign has already created a good deal of conversation on the campus and it has measured a large number of check-in’s. If nothing else, it certainly gives the school some credibility when they say that they are “with it” and ready to utilize today’s tools to prepare young adults for the current business environment.

Now, I realize this isn’t a Deal really, I just couldn’t believe that an educational institution had A) Moved so quickly to adopt a new social media tool and B) Did such a good job of it!

A Suite Deal – The Palms Hotel & Casino

The Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas offered a deal to its guests to give them an extra night or room upgrade for free if they check in on Places. Did it work though? Well, as of November 4th there were 734 check-ins. So, this is, on average, 294 check-ins per month since deals and places launched. As of today, they have 4,621 check-ins, for an average of 1296 per month since they launched their deal. That’s quite an increase!

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