Video Killed My Old SEO aka How Video Can Improve Your SEO Efforts

The introduction of video into your marketing strategy can dramatically change your SEO future. In fact, you may want to pull out your Ray Bans because my friend, your future is looking quite shiny and bright! Besides making some pretty bad 80’s references, what on earth am I talking about? Good question! Not too long … Continue reading

Hot Spot or Hotpot? How About Both?

Have you ever seen those stickers in store’s windows announcing themselves as a Google Favorite Place? Wonder how they got them? Well, first you have to claim your businesses Place Page on Google and then you can just order those stickers and tons more, like all of the items below from Google. For Free. Yup, for … Continue reading

What a Deal, Such a Deal! Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals Mind Map

With the introduction of Facebook Places at the end of Summer 2010, a new opportunity for business owners also became available; Facebook Deals. While many large companies, Starbucks, GAP, etc have started to take advantage of check-in deals via Yelp Offers and FourSquare, Facebook Deals appears to be an underutilized tool. Let’s talk about the … Continue reading

It’s the Place to Be – What You Are Probably Missing in Your Facebook Campaign


You have a Facebook Page for your business, you start and engage in conversations with your customers on your Wall and you have even begun including the Facebook icon on all ad materials. Gold Star to you! Chances are though, in fact a very good chance, that there is a piece of the pie missing. … Continue reading

Pimp My Ad!

  Is it an impressionistic version of a Pac Mac screen shot? No? What about a Liite Brite? Still no? Hmmm…does it have something to do with that movie Up? I mean it has all those balloons, right? No again.  It’s a QR Code, also known as a Tag, made out of balloons that appeared … Continue reading


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