Local Search – The Power Index

“Work Smarter Not Harder.”  ~Christopher Thomas This is one of my favorite quotations and applies to today’s post because we are going to talk about indexes, how they affect local search and how they can make you one of those people who work “smarter”. When you have a business that depends upon people being able … Continue reading

I Spy, With My Little Eye, Your Business On Google Local – A Primer On Local Search Part 2

When I Look for Your Business Does it Show Up This Easily?

  I just spilled a glass of red wine on my silk blouse on vacation in New Orleans.  I need to know where the closest dry cleaners is, stat.  Where do I go?  Google.  Your name is Jenny and you have an awesome dry cleaners right down the block from where I am, but you … Continue reading

X Marks The Spot – A Primer on Local Search – Part I

How Hard Are You Making Your Customer Work To Find You?

Let me guess; your business (or an account you are working on) depends upon a brick and mortar location for a significant portion of your bottom line.  Thus, it is important for people to know where you are located.  You know where your business is, you probably go there regularly.  However, can your customers find you?  Have … Continue reading


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