What’s Your Number Baby?


The statistics surrounding social media constantly surprise me.  Regardless of the fact that I interact with it every day and use it to help businesses achieve growth, I am still amazed by the impact that it has had so quickly on almost every single person’s life.  Check out some of these stats: Implementation of Google Priority … Continue reading

Deadly Sins of Social Media – Part 2 of 3

This is a continuation of my Deadly Sins of Social Media series. There are so many ways to make social media work well for you or your company but so many people unfortunately don’t get it. Sin #4 Not Following The Rules A friend posted on Facebook that he had received multiple “friend requests” from businesses … Continue reading

Success! When Self-Branding Efforts Pay Off

Self-Branding. Whaaaa?  Yes, that is about how I felt when I first read about this notion on the website of Dan Schawbel.  But he is a good sales person and was able to convince me that this was serious stuff.  After reading a few more articles on the subject in the NYT and the Harvard Review, and … Continue reading


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